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.NET charting component, bar charts, pie charts

ASP.NET pie chart, bar chart, chart control

ASP.NET 2.0 chart control, multiple chart types


Welcome to - home of ExpertChart. ExpertChart provides an easy way to have powerful graphics in your ASP.NET application. Just add our control to your project and you can start building complex charts in a few minutes.

Version History

General Features

.NET Framework 2.0 support.
.NET Framework 3.5 support.
ASP.NET 2.0 DataSource support.
2D and 3D rendering of charts.
Legend Box.
Full Design-Time support.
Titles Customizations.
Customizable title font.
Axis' Name Labels.
Custom color pallets.
Border customization.

Axis Features

Automatic and user defined scale range.
Automatic and user defined axis tickmarks.
Display grid lines.
Change axis labels color and font.
Change axis line thickness and color.


Multi-color legend entry icons.
User-friendly legend support.
Design Time support for Legend.
Customizable Legend Font.
Customizable Legend Position.
Customizable Legend border and margins.

Chart Types

              Bars (vertical, horizontal, stacked, full-stacked).
              3D Bars (vertical, horizontal, stacked, full-stacked).
              Horizontal 2D and 3D Bars.
Pie & Donut.
              Pie 2D and 3D
              Doughnut 2D and 3D
Lines & Surfaces.
              Line (simple, 3D, stacked).
              Surfaces (simple. series, stacked, full-stacked).


Chart Click Event handling.

Windows Forms

Starting with version v2.1, ExpertChart offers also a version for Windows Forms