ChartingControl.NET is now ExpertChart

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.NET charting component, bar charts, pie charts

ASP.NET pie chart, bar chart, chart control

ASP.NET 2.0 chart control, multiple chart types

Version History - v2.1

New features introduced in ChartingControl.NET v2.1:

Fix for DataSourceID
Customizable chart borders
Possibility to save the chart image in a specific file on the disk.
Chart version for Windows Forms

Version History - v2.0

New features introduced in ChartingControl.NET v2.0:

Support for multiple chart titles (top, left, right, bottom).
Axis user defined scale ranges.
New chart types: horizontal bars, horizontal bars 3D, horizontal cylinders, scatter chart.
More legend box customizations (possibility to change position, border, etc).
Possibility to load chart labels from arrays.
Better chart click handling.
Rotation of 3D charts.